Eva Van Aken

I am a Toronto-based artist and writer. My practice exists at the intersection of text, installation, and performance.  With my work, I attempt to challenge common approaches to “original” content and look into how parallel contrasted realities often exist simultaneously. My interventions range from linguistics and semiotics, social dynamics and ethics, to media studies and oral histories. Through each project, I engage in sociological, geopolitical, and techno-political discourses to understand hegemony within different power structures. 

As an Iran-born artist living and working in Canada, my experience with linguistic communication, and ideas of mistranslation became the basis of my long-term research practice revolving around alternative modes of translation, and the poetic potentialities of miscommunication. Through this engagement with linguistics and communication studies, I became increasingly interested in the musicality of language, and theatricality of social behavior. my experimentations with sound and performance, and collaborations with experimental musicians, programmers, and performers continue to inform my research practice and act as a major source of inspiration to explore possibilities in each project. 

Additionally, my interdisciplinary interest in literature, translation, sound, oral history, and theatre brings me to an audio-visual practice that involves performances, installations, and experimental texts in the fields of linguistics, theatre, and poetry. Recent examples of such publications include contributions to the Brooklyn Rail Magazine, Intermedialites Journal, Canadian Art Magazine, and Imaginations Journal: Journal of Cross-Cultural Image Studies. My upcoming exhibitions in 2021 will be at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Toronto, CAFKA in Kitchener, and the Visual Arts Centre of Clarington. 



You can find her work on the website below: