arthere istanbul is a member or ResArtis Network for residencies.

the resident artists will benefit from a multicultural environment and will have opportunities to broaden their vision and understanding of the region particularly in terms of culture and the arts while working in a cosmopolitan, international atmosphere.

arthere is an art center which gathers artists from the Middle East, Turkey and around the world with a management team from Syria, France, and Turkey. The resident will find full understanding, the right support and constructive guidance to develop his/her own artwork and progress in his/her knowledge out of his/her experience from the residency. 

The artist resident in arthere will expect to have a detailed pre-residency  online preparation period to plan his/her intended artwork during his residency period, consultation with various artists involved with arthere, a curator, an art manager who work closely with the arthere team and the support and advice of the arthere team for facilitating the residency period needs and requirements. Once the plan is set and the work plan is clear, we follow and assist in details and support to make sure the artist will be progressing towards his/her final aim and objectives.

The artistic environment we provides and the varied domain of arts it includes is optimal for artistic creation which includes: studio space, archive room, show room for art exhibitions and movie projections, an art cafe space, internet access, darkroom facilities, a small courtyard for outdoor artworks, wood working tools and space.

Rasimpasa, the area where the artspace is located is a very vibrant and cosmopolitan mix of people, with an artistic atmosphere with art studios and art spaces. Also it is very near all transport and very central for going around.

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