"ana houna" support for artists from conflict zone

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arthereistanbul with the support of Fanak Fund is glad to announce the launch of the first edition of “Ana Houna” Program in Istanbul . Ana Houna is a program founded and supported by Fanak Funds and ran in Istanbul by arthereistanbul.

The support provided by “Fanak” in this program is unique, focusing on the basic needs of artists in exile to enable them to develop their art and continue their artistic practice and development. The “Ana Houna” Programme gives effective support such as accommodation, training, networking opportunities, materials, knowledge, consultancy and artistic services tailored to the needs of individual artists.

Participating art organizations are present in three countries (Turkey, Lebanon, Greece, Jordan and Iraq), with arthereistanbul representing Turkey. These local art shelters manage the funds and support the artists. In addition to direct financial support, they provide services, consultancy, a space to work, an art community and solidarity while following each artist’s progress.

Artists will be chosen on the basis of nominations and recommendations from the art community in each country, and the selection is validated by the local art centre along with Fanak Fund representatives.

Fanak Fund was launched as an independent civil society initiative , in June 2019 by a group of professionals working to promote art and culture in Europe , the Arab-speaking world , and wider Middle East.
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