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Abel Korinsky

"Abel Korinsky is part of the artist collective Korinsky together with his twin brother Carlo based in Berlin (Germany). Their artistic approach is to work with sound and light in a way that creates atmospheric space in architecture. Mainly their medium is the ephemeral source - sound and light in all its variations. Furthermore, the main idea is to work with a multi-channel setup for doing sound spatialization, which means that it is not only stereo sound - it is a very immersive way how to experience sound and how sound surrounds the recipient. Usually, light is connected to this whole setting. Mainly there are moving light sources and therefore they are experimenting a lot with materials and different kinds of lights and reflections in our studio. Those kinds of installations are always sited specific and work with the architecture, the frequencies of the space, the reverb, etc. On the other hand, other artworks are not that kind of large-scale work and they are installations, wall works, etc. They also usually have the common base that they are motorized, have light and sound. This is the technical side. But those works always try to create an atmosphere or an aesthetic different experience. Usually, it is the same as with the on-site artworks in architectural spaces. They usually use buildings many people are passing by and know them well, but to present them through an artistic lens in a new way. This same interest is also part of their other smaller and non-site specific artworks, so they are working with everyday objects everybody knows and is used to it. With these objects, they create a new arrangement and use their technical aspects for new artwork: flatbed-scanner, Barcode Scanners, motorized Tails, etc."

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