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As an artistic hub, located in Istanbul, a stone’s throw from the Asian side’s coastline, arthereistanbul has been welcoming international art residents since the program was first launched in 2017. 

ارتهير هي نقطه التقاء، مركز اقامات فنيه ، ترحب بالفنانين من كل مكان

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As an active member of the community, in a thriving, multicultural district, arthereistanbul is a regular host to a variety of exhibitions, workshops, music performances, book readings, and other cultural events. 

كل عام، ارتهير تستضيف العديد من ورشات العمل، الحفلات الموسيقيه، المعارض والقراءات الشعريه و النقديه 

We are always happy to hear from you about an event you would like to propose, an idea you would like to share with us for an event, or any creative suggestions to empower our community. 

شاركنا افكارك، انضم لارتهير وباشر بالتحضير للفعالية القادمة.

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