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Ahsen Asif

The creator’s finest creation in the universe is the Human being. As I have been always appreciated this
phenomena in my work.
But the human itself destroying its hues and fading its existence in the universe. The fragile emotions
are burning and the fire of hatred is capturing the whole orchard. The seeds of insensitivity has been
sawing and the field is going to be barren as night without a moon. Waters are flowing but they loss there
actual reflection. The waves are cold bloodedly red. The water falls are sounding cruelly. The human are
inhaling poisoned breath and their throats have scratched with thorns. The perishable ego vanishes and
crushes the supremacy of human and gets him to lowest level of the destruction.
After expressing these views I am going to focus on waste materials and the relevant waste which
occurred in the form of commercialization and industrial packaging materials. Which I consider that is
anti-human revolution on this planet.
As I summited some of my slides named “Shopping Monsters” I named this type of work because waste
are like monsters which are uncontrollable for human kind now as they created this by themselves. As
an artist a waste material would be my source of expression. In this regard I want to show my viewers
that the land scape of the earth has been destroyed because of these anti human acts in the name of

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