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Alejandra Rincon

Colombian artist. She currently lives and works in Bogotá. The main medium used
in its creation process is single-channel video and video installation whose artistic
the expression has an experimental and documentary emphasis. Her works are
characterized by focusing her gaze on the slow passing of life, the stillness, the
subtle movement, as if she was seeking to slow down the world. At the same
time, she dedicates part of her time to writing, which she conceives as a
constellation or as an atlas, breaking the rules of narrative, leaving behind temporal
sequences to explore abysses, which appear in writing as in layers of different
elements: events, tensions, counter positions, quotes from other authors,
comparative elements from different eras, and memories, among others. Each
paragraph as if it were an independent “video sequences” but they are part of a
whole. Currently, her projects seek to generate spaces where the two languages
can live together, video installations that involve both visual writings and writings
with words.

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