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Andrea Zambrano Rojas

My artistic practice relates to popular education, feminist activism, and ecosystem conservation in Ecuador and Mexico. I have worked both individually and in collectives on projects which denounce and work against violence towards women, girls, and trans people; against exploitation by mining and petroleum interests; and against state and market policies which loot and exploit communities. I have worked in solidarity with care networks for women caught in micro-trafficking and the informal economy, whether in the streets, as migrants, or within their own families.

I am interested in producing artworks collaboratively, where the participants organize themselves horizontally and with empathy. I'm interested in bodies, conceived in an integral fashion, bodies which are part of social bodies, which resist different systems of oppression. I view art through lenses feminist, communal, anticapitalist, and demotic; I envision art and its production as means of constructing an ethics and aesthetics of resistance.

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