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Barbara Tong

UK Based artist -


I am interested in different spaces; I get my inspirations from my surroundings. Each place is unique and we all response differently. Every slight change in the environment has an effect on all objects within; how we feel and how we react, hence my work changes accordingly depending on where I am. It is my responses, a reflection of how I feel about the place. I consider it as collaboration between me, the space I am in and the objects around, both tangible and intangible – an organic dialogue between us. It is about an exploration of the relationship, the connection and the contradiction between the imaginary/ our inner body space and the space around us; how the two mirror and affect each other.

I do not work with a fixed medium, it depends on the idea of the project, the materials also become part of the idea.


Cityscape – Istanbul, is part of the long term project by Barbara. It will consist of 100pcs of small ceramic pieces, featuring buildings/ structures/ objects in Istanbul.

Can you recognize some of them?

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