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Dhoha Abdelsattar

I am a video artist and photographer working in both digital and analogue. My artistic practice explores ideas of identity, with two particular areas of focus.

At the forefront are diaspora and estrangement. I was born outside of my parents’ homeland and have not returned for over a decade. I will likely never return due to political instability. The feeling of being a stranger persists both in my city of birth and my country of origin, as in both contexts I am marked as a “foreigner”. My years living in London and Paris allowed me to experience being an outsider within a different framework, which is what I discuss in some of my video pieces. My photographic series often explore this sense of isolation, with the camera as a wanderer exploring a strange city alone.

Equally important is the discussion of living as an Arab woman in contemporary society. My particular experience of growing up in the Gulf countries, where the culture is still rooted in tribal structures and patriarchy, has given me a unique perspective on womanhood in this part of the world. I’m currently working on a short film on this subject, which examines the choices women are forced to make and their consequences.

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