Khayyam Zidane

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Khayyam Zidane is an artist with academic experience who lives and works in Istanbul, Turkey. Zidane has spent many years developing his creative mindset, constantly striving to create through his artwork turned into abstract, vibrant, and highly textured artworks. Zidane believes in the expressive and gestural power of the image itself, and for this reason, his abstract paintings exemplify the encounter of form as a mass with color in a physical environment. His paintings are poignant, emotional, and filled with the existential anxiety that represents life in its physical and moral existence. It blends the properties of physical matter through molten and vibrational manipulations of liquid color with states of human perceptual existence in a unique environment.
Zidane's paintings deal with the subject of the relationship between the inner world of man and the environment in which he exists as a substance and his being part of this substance, bringing these intertwined relationships in a special visual environment.
Zidane developed a technique in oil painting consisting of an overlapping layer, in different colors, to obtain vibrant and bright abstract works, but each piece of art is an open-ended experiment to discover nuances through mixing colors.
Khayyam Zidane's career consists of a number of solos, group, and international exhibitions. He was born in Syria in 1983 and graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting at Damascus University in 2005. He continued his studies and obtained a postgraduate diploma in painting in 2007, and in 2009 he was appointed as a lecturer at the second Faculty of Fine Arts at Damascus University.