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Laura Ortego

My name is Laura Ortego, photographer from Argentina,currently working in Arthere residency. Many years ago, I did a photographic series where I showed objects belonging to the women in my family placed in the desert surrounding my hometown, in Patagonia.


Afterthat, I do the same in an artist residency in Itoshima-Shi, Japan. Now I’m here to work in a new project: I would like to do it with a little group of local woman.


About me and my work:


*Practical issues:

I would ask each of them to select a little group of objects, and to have a brief interview with me, where they tell me the story behind the object, -if there is one or if it is just for their shape, color or texture that they choose it- and then tolet me select one of them, to take it to the residency to photograph it and then to give it back.

I promise to take care of it, and to give them a copy of the picture I take.

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