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Marion Bretagne

Marion Bretagne (b.1994, France) is a multidisciplinary artist and illustrator working at the crossroads of art and graphic design. Her illustrations often represent mundane everyday life scenes, objects, and people in a colorful, naive, and imperfect way.

Marion spent one month in arthereistanbul and the result of her work was showcased in an exhibition in October of 2022 under the title of Bazar Delight.

‘Bazar Delight’ is a series of illustrations based on spontaneous impressions and observations of the food culture and specialties in Istanbul: from the fishermen to the Kebab Shop. The main technique used for the illustrations is called screen-monoprinting: a fusion of screen-printing and painting. It consists of painting a unique design by applying ink with brushes directly on the screen, instead of printing in layers. To avoid the inks to dry, the screen needs to be painted really quickly. The result captures this quick moment of creation: all the little imperfections and messes, unintentional textures and ink mixes. Every monoprint is a surprise.


The technique somehow reflects the pace of Istanbul and its joyfully chaotic vibe. In French, the word ‘Bazar’ means ‘mess’  – the translation of the title would literally be: the pleasure of messiness. The colorful yet pastel palette is inspired by the markets and the architecture of the city. 

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