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Toufic Hamidi

Toufic Hamidi was born in 1988 in Aleppo and was raised in Syria.

He attended the Faculty of fine arts at Aleppo University and graduated in 2011, Majoring in Printmaking, Graphic design, and Typography.

Hamidi then moved to Saudi Arabia in the summer of 2012 following the escalation of the Syrian Civil War. Then from 2014 to 2016, he lived in Istanbul, Turkey. Currently, he lives and works in Salqin, Syria.

While specializing in printmaking, Hamidi experimented with a big range of techniques and is always in the search of the best means for his expressions. 

The different techniques are critical to the bridging of conscious and the subconscious selves that are present in his work.

Hamidi’s work due to the nature of the method he is using is different. While he can express better the chaotic emotions on a canvas, he prefers printmaking more for psychological comfort. He feels the amount of time and the intense concentration that printmaking requires, helps him find his inner peace. Nevertheless, all the methods are used to recollect and tie the past to the future.

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